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Custom Designed Jewelry


Is your jewelry box full of out-of-date or broken jewelry?
Is the family heirloom your grandmother cherished
not quite your style?
Whatever your dilemma, we can design
something you will actually wear,
keeping the original gemstones or metal
or just the concept of the piece by re-creating it from scratch.


Below are a few of our Custom Designs,
showing the Before and After photos and a brief description.

Bring in your ideas or a sketch
along with your jewelry piece
and we will create something beautiful
Just For You!



BEFORE: 14KY Ring with a 10MM
irradiated Blue Topaz in a basket mounting.
AFTER: Set Topaz into a custom CAD/CAM head
then mounted on a Cordova 18KW
semi-mounting with an additional 76 Diamonds.
What can we do to improve/update your old jewelry?

BEFORE: Our customer's 2-stone Pendant was worn
and bent and she wanted Earrings to wear with it.
AFTER: We tested and determined
the blue gem was Aquamarine.
We acquired two loose Aquamarines to match
and created a pair of Pierced Earrings.
Pendant was straightened and built up where
the bail was wearing through, then a clean
and polish to finish. What a beautiful set!

BEFORE: Gent's 14K white gold Ring
with Black Onyx and 4 Diamonds.
AFTER: Removed onyx and diamonds,
created and soldered a plate for that space,
set 16 Diamonds, rhodium plated
and polished to finish the look.
How can we update the look of your treasured jewelry?

BEFORE: 14K Wedding Set
with 5 marquise-cut Diamonds
AFTER: Supplied, set and secured
two additional marquise-cut Diamonds,
retipped prongs, cleaned and polished.
So beautiful! What can we do to upgrade
or improve the look of your Wedding Set?

BEFORE: 14K yellow gold Wedding Set with a
marquise-cut center Diamond and
2 round brilliant-cut Diamonds with 2 missing.
AFTER: Secured and set 2 round brilliant-cut Diamonds
to match others, retipped the caps and prongs
then a final clean and polish. What a difference!
What can we do to upgrade or improve the look
of your Wedding Set?

BEFORE: Customer's worn 14K yellow gold Pendant.
AFTER: Gems were mounted in a 14K white gold
tapered Mother's Ring.
We added a matching fourth Diamond and
two square Birthstones; Peridot and Citrine.
We think this was an amazing transformation
- what do you think?

BEFORE: Our Customer's Filigree Diamond Ring
was worn in the shoulders beyond repair.
We found an 18K Antique Ring mounting
(with original engraving from 1914) that she loved.
AFTER: We re-mounted her Diamond complete
with bezel into the Antique Ring,
retaining most of the engraving
which gives it some extra character.
Lastly it was cleaned and polished . . . beautiful!
What do you think?

Turn a Signet Ring into a
recognition of years of service
for an organization or business.
This can become a tradition
as it has for our local hospital.
Diamonds or other gemstones can be added
to the shoulders as well as
personalized engraving inside the ring.

Before: Customer's two Diamond Rings
containing four Diamonds.
After: A beautiful 14K "Stations" Necklace, 27".
What can we do for you to preserve your memories?

BEFORE: Customer's 18K white gold vintage filigree Ring
with a center .88 carat Old European-cut Diamond,
needed some work to make it wearable.
AFTER: We removed the "finger fit" and supplied
a vintage 18K shank, restored 4 prongs,
repaired two sharp areas in underbridge,
then cleaned/polished and rhodium-plated. Beautiful!

BEFORE: Customer's 14K two-tone Wedding Set
was very worn and broken with missing diamonds.
AFTER: We replaced the illusion head, re-tipped all prongs,
built up the underside of the Engagement Ring
and soldered the rings together, making a heavier shank.
Lastly, a clean and polish and her set is better than new!
What can we do to brighten your jewelry
and broaden your smile?

Our Customer's white gold filigree Ring
was very worn and broken.
We repaired the shank where it was broken,
built up the bottom of the shank to make it heavier,
re-tipped the prongs and deep cleaned/polished and rhodium plated it.
Quite a difference, don't you think?
We can make your jewelry beautiful again.

All family members are represented
here in beautiful gemstones.
Select your mounting. Let us create a
one-of-a-kind Arrangement.
14K white gold freeform "flame" Pendant Slide.
What can we do for you?

Our Customer's original
Diamond solitaire engagement ring
was transformed into a fashionable
14K rose gold Statement Ring.

Our customer's beloved Grandma
gifted this lovely natural Red Spinel
and Diamond Ring to her just before her death.
We re-cut and re-polished the Red Spinel,
repaired the prongs and cleaned/polished
and rhodium plated the 14K white gold.
What was a cherished gift from her Grandpa to her Grandma
many years ago is now loved and worn
by their precious Granddaughter.
What can we do to preserve your treasured memories?

Customer's 14K yellow gold signet ring
was very scratched, worn and bent.
We polished, straightened the shank
and hand-engraved the "S" to match the original.
Now she has a wearable ring that is
shiny and "new" . . . memories intact.
What can we do to preserve your cherished jewelry?

Before: Customer's two bands
with 6 Diamonds.
After: Diamonds set into one
14K white gold concave Wedding Band.
Shiny and New! What can we do
to update your precious memories?

Our customer and her husband,
after 47+ years of marriage
decided to update her wedding set.
She chose two matching 14K yellow gold
Artcarved "Ciara" bands, each with
39 round brilliant-cut Diamonds,
had her original Diamond mounted on one,
then had the rings soldered together.

We just love this idea . . .
Before: lady's wedding set with 14 round brilliant-cut Diamonds
plus a gent's patterned wedding band and a new chain.
After: beautiful Pendant with Diamonds set inside the gent's ring.
We can create custom jewelry from pieces you no longer wear
or you inherited from a family member.

This is what we call a "betterment".
Our customer came across an old, unwearable diamond necklace
that we turned into a fabulous Diamond Stations Necklace.
Isn't it beautiful!?

Before: Customer's 14K Wrestling Hall of Fame Ring.
We removed the shanks, using the metal to make a bail.
After: A pendant to wear in memory of a loved one.
What can we do for you to preserve a memory?
Bring in your ideas and we can brainstorm.

Our customer wanted a RING betterment.
We trimmed the "tail" on the bottom
to match the top, widened the shank
and filled the open shoulders.
Last step, cleaned and polished and
Ooh La La . . . we love it!

Our customer upgraded the center Diamond
in her Engagement Ring from
a .38 carat to a 1.08 carat.

Before: Customer's 14K Engagement Ring
with 5 marquise Diamonds.
After: A beautiful new Necklace complete with old memories.
What can we do with your old jewelry you no longer wear?






Above is a great example of a fun transformation
where we turned her diamond ring into a beautiful pendant.


Before & After






Replaced center .30 ct center diamond
with .48ct, added reverse diamond shadow band

We work with yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, silver and more!




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