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1.05ct approximate old European-cut diamond SI1 K-L and fair proportions 4-prong set with 6 round single-cut diamonds = .11ct in platinum engagement ring with matching platinum wedding ring with 8 round single-cut diamonds=.16ct, all melee VS1-VS2 H-I and fair proportions, size 7.75, laser welded together 6.3 grams





3 ring set soldered together: center ring, engagement ring with .73ct center (5.86-5.91 x 3.46mm) I2 H very good proportions 4-prong set in tall white gold mounting flanked by 2 round brilliant-cut diamonds (4.87-4.89 x 2.96mm=.43ct & 4.79-4.85 x 2.74mm=.39ct) I2 G-H very good proportions 3=1.55ct total weight stamped: 14K with 2, 5-diamond bands soldered on either side. The diamonds measure approximately 3.8 to 3.9mm in diameter each .20ct and are set in shared prongs VVS2-VS1 H excellent proportions & SI1 H excellent proportions. One ring shank is stamped: R & H 98 14K WDC & the other stamped:14K WDC 1.0 10=1.98cttw, size 7, 11.65 grams for set




1.01ct emerald-cut diamond measuring 6.36 x 4.84 x 3.37mm with laser inscription: IGI 3241141U SI2 E very good proportions set in very tall 4-prong head flanked by 2 emerald-cut diamonds approximately 4.04 x 3.20 x 1.85mm = .17ct & 4.02 x 2.80 x 1.78mm =.16ct VS2 F very good proportions and 2 tri-cut diamonds set on shoulders approximately 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.70= approximately .20ct each SI1 F-G very good proportions; sides=.70cts as marked platinum ring stamped: 0.70 PLAT size 6.5 7.70grams



17 round brilliant-cut=.35ct total weight diamonds SI H-I channel set in 14K two-tone freeform semi-mounting engagement ring with 4-prong center set with 1.08ct round brilliant-cut diamond (6.63 - 6.65 x 3.98 mm) SI3 M very good proportions size 6 7.9grams stamped: 14K HL with 14K yellow gold custom "V" wedding ring, size 6, 3.4 grams stamped: 14K HL SOLD AS SET ONLY



32 round brilliant-cut=.33ct total weight diamonds SI2 G-H excellent proportions prong set in split shoulder white gold "Iris" engagement ring with center 1.05ct round brilliant-cut diamond VVS1 V excellent proportions 4-prong set, size 6.5, stamped: ARTCARVED 14K




.74ct princess-cut diamond SI2 H EGL Report #US83553821D 4.94 x 4.68 x 3.72mm 8-prong set in platinum engagement ring by Tacori with 24 prong set around center head and 10 around the pavilion and 9 on 3-sided shoulders (24+10+54=88 diamond melee=.25ct total weight) VS2 G (all stones are intact, one appears to be a replacement and is loose and has laser burns on pave') size 5.5, 5.53 grams stamped: TACORI PLAT





2-piece set: engagement ring with .76ct round brilliant-cut diamond I1 I good proportions 4-prong set with 10 princess-cut=.82ct diamonds channel set on shoulders & 12round brilliant-cut = .08ct diamonds prong set on sides of white gold engraved ring, 23 diamonds totaling 1.66ct total weight. 5.30grams size 6 stamped: 14K REGO trademark; wedding ring: containing 12princess-cut diamonds=.98ct total weight diamonds VS2-SI1 H-I good proportions channel set in engraved white gold band, size 6.25, 3.45grams stamped:774 C 14K REGO trademark SET ONLY





5 round brilliant-cut diamonds weighing .03ct - .04ct, 9 round brilliant-cut diamonds each weighing .02ct-.025ct, SI2-I1 H-J good proportions, 5 round brilliant-cut diamonds weighing .10ct = .50ct total weight VS1-VS2 G very good proportions. All melee set in 14K white gold strip, bead and bright cut. The ring also contains 1 round brilliant-cut diamond weighing .50ct SI2 H good proportions & one round brilliant-cut diamond weighing .18ct SI2 J good proportions. The 2 major diamonds are set in 14k white gold bezels all in 14k yellow gold freeform ring, size 8-3/4, stamped: DLR 14K




1.20ct princess-cut center LASER DRILLED (6.01 x 6.12 x 3.70mm) I2 J average proportions set in tall white gold 4-prong head flanked by three rows of diamonds, center channel contains 10 princess-cut approximately 1.25x1.25mm,10=.20ct SI2 to I1 & Imperfect I average proportions framed by 2 rows of round brilliant-cut diamonds 20 total measuring 1.0mm=.005ct each 20rb=.10ct SI2 to I1 I fair proportions, 31=1.50ct total weight diamonds white gold engagement ring size 6.75 3.43grams stamped: 14K 1 D 021




1.00ct marquise-cut diamond measuring approximately 11.00 x 4.50 x 3.50mm I1 I fair to good proportions set in tall prong & v-tip head set in engagement ring stamped: 14K MAGIC GLO XX 1.00 soldered together with wrap wedding ring consisting of 4 tapered baguette-cut diamonds 3.25 x 1.75mm=.06ct each VS2-SI1 I good proportions & 8 round brilliant-cut diamonds ranging from 2.8 to 3.0mm diameter =.08ct to .10ct each SI1-SI2 I good proportions. The baguettes are prong-set fanning out from center creating a frame for 4round brilliant diamonds set on each side. 12 (tb & rb)=1.00ct stamped: 14K All 13diamonds=2.00ct total weight. 6.8 grams, size 7.25





.65ct round brilliant-cut diamond SI2 I very good proportions 4-prong set in white gold head (5.33-5.38 x approx. 3.70mm) with 4 round brilliant-cut & 4 straight baguette diamonds channel set in shoulders in alternating pattern in yellow gold engagement ring (melee weight .35ct total in engagement ring) with matching wedding band with 6 round brilliant-cut & 4 straight baguette diamonds channel set (melee weight .42ct) all round melee SI1 I-J average proportions & baguettes VS I-J good proportions eng ring 2.54 grams wed ring 2.14 size 8, SET ONLY both stamped:14K P.SAX





.43ct round brilliant-cut diamond I1 H good proportions flanked by 2 irradiated green blue round brilliant-cut diamonds measuring 4.38-4.41 x 2.59mm & 4.38-4.40 x 2.66mm each weighing .31ct, prong set in 14k white gold ring size 7.25, 3=1.05ct total weight stamped: 14K





.67ct round brilliant-cut diamond VS1 J-K poor proportions (5.70-5.73 x 3.33mm) prong set center with 2tapered baguette diamonds=.10ct total weight VVS2 H-I good proportions (4.0 x 1.25mm each) platinum ring size 9, 3.49g stamped: 10% IRID 90%Plat




3 round brilliant-cut 4-prong set in tall cathedral mounting ring. Center diamond measures 4.85-4.86xapprox 3.10mm=.45ct SI2 H good proportions flanked by 2 round brilliant-cut, 3.80-3.81 x approx 2.45mm=.22ct & 3.79-3.78 x approx 2.50mm=.22ct SI1-SI2 H good proportions. Ring is yellow gold size 7 3.03grams 3rbound brilliant-cut=.89ct total weight stamped: 14K S QG




.50ct round brilliant-cut SI2 G very good proportions 4-prong set center diamond with 2 round brilliant-cut=.20ct total weight diamonds VS2 G-H very good proportions 3-prong set Jabel 18K white gold ring, size 7.75




4 princess-cut invisibly set to form center set into 4-prong white gold mounting. Princess-cut measure approximately 3 x 3 mm = .16ct each 4 = .70ct SI2-I1 I good proportions flanked by 12 princess-cut diamonds graduating from 2.5 to 2.0mm square (.09 to.05ct each) 12=.86ct total weight I1-I2 I good proportions 16pc=1.50ct total weight, 6 princess-cut channel-set in each shoulder with filigree scroll design pierced on rings side. Size 6.5, 5.61grams (Rogers & Hollands) stamped: 14K








Platinum raised shoulders solitaire ring with .53ct princess-cut diamond VS2-H 4.38 x 4.24 x 3.40 mm ring size 7, 4.8grams



white gold rhodium plated (appearing to be 14K white gold) 4-tier diamond cluster style ring with narrow split shank stamped: 103 containing 25 round brilliant-cut=2.53ct total weight diamonds (2 have chipped girdles and 2 have nicked girdles) 3-prong set ranging from .06ct to .20ct I1-I2 and IMP H-I + brackish I average to fair proportions, size 8, 9.25 grams "AS IS"




.98ct princess-cut diamond I2 I-J fair proportions (5.16x4.81x4.15mm) laser inscribed on girdle "1G130417449" 4-prong set in white gold cathedral style solitaire ring mounting size 6, stamped: 14K IKS, 3.7grams





18 round brilliant-cut=1.14ct total weight diamonds VS1-SI H-I very good to good proportions 4-prong set in pierced 7.11mm wide white gold eternity band size 6 with 2 beveled guard rings: 1.90mm, size 6 1.3grams and the other 1.92mm, size 6.5, 1.2 grams, SOLD AS SET ONLY (guard rings stamped:14K)





.37ct round brilliant-cut diamond "Radiant Star" 145 facets faceted girdle with Light Performance Report #HDS552780 I1 G good proportions (measuring 4.60 x 4.67 x 2.77mm) 4-prong set with 8round brilliant-cut diamonds=22ct total weight SI2-I1 G-H channel set in shoulders (4 each side of center) .37ct diamond laser scribed: HDS552780 white gold engagement ring, size 5.5, 4 grams





2 yellow gold ring set soldered together: engagement ring with .32ct round brilliant-cut center 4-prong set+ 6 round brilliant-cut=.18ct channel set in shoulders with matching wedding band with 11 round brilliant-cut=.24ct total weight channel set all are SI2-I1 H-I average proportions, size 7, both stamped: Ringcraft 14K 7.4 grams




3 piece two-tone ring set: engagement ring with square illusion head set with .47ct round brilliant-cut diamond VVS2 I very good proportions 3.1 grams size 7, stamped: 14KEARTCARVED-GEM 172647 matching ladies wedding ring 2.5mm wide 2.6 grams stamped: 14KEARTCARVED and matching gents wedding band 3.4mm wide, size 13, stamped: 14KEArtcarved  SET ONLY




.33ct round brilliant-cut diamond 4-prong set with 18 round brilliant-cut diamonds=.24ct total weight SI H prong set in open work shoulders engagement ring with 2 curved fitted wedding bands (1 soldered to each side of engagement ring, size 5.75 14k white gold)





.31ct marquise-cut diamond approximate 6.50 x 3.77 x 2.17mm I1 G average proportions 6-prong set, flanked by 6round brilliant-cut diamonds ranging from 2.0-2.2mm prong set in triangle on each side of marquise-cut diamond 6rb=.21ct SI2 G average proportions 7=.52ct two-tone engagement ring size 6.5 3.13grams stamped: LID 14K 4326 52 with two-tone ring jacket with 14round brilliant-cut=.23ct total weight diamonds SI2 G-H average proportions set in V-formation (7 on each side range from 1.5 to 1.7mm) size 6.5, 5.10 grams stamped: 14K CMO. SET ONLY





platinum cathedral style diamond engagement ring, with one G color, VS1 clarity, excellent proportions Hearts & Arrows round brilliant cut diamond. The diamond weighs .39 carat, measures 4.76 mm wide by 4.79 mm long by 2.89 mm deep, and is set in a white gold 6 prong head. Laser inscription "GIA 12064386" on faceted girdle of diamond. 7.18 grams, size 6.75, stamped: PT900 H.D.S.





.38ct oval-cut diamond SI2-J very good proportions 4-prong set with 8 round brilliant-cut=.17ct total weight diamonds (channel set in shoulders) engagement ring with fitted wedding band soldered together, size 4.5, 14k yellow gold




.45ct round brilliant-cut 4.86-4.90 x 3.15mm SI2 F fair proportions 4-prong set in 14kt white gold and platinum solitaire engagement ring. The diamond is laser inscribed " LEO 264065" and ring stamped "THE LEO" the "O" consists of round brilliant-cut diamond approximate 1.5mm diameter=.015ct VS1 G good proportions, 2=.47ct total weight diamonds. Ring is also stamped: .45 14K 950 Pt LSC-09 1 size 6.5 2.73grams



wedding ring set: engagement ring contains .44ct round brilliant-cut diamond 4-prong set in center with 52 round brilliant-cut=.50ct prong set in double row on shoulders and under 4-prong head 4grams stamped: 14K HDS and wedding band with 21 round brilliant-cut=.10ct total weight diamonds prong set 2 grams stamped: 14K both are 14kt white gold and all diamonds are similar I1 I good proportions SOLD AS SET ONLY




.40ct round brilliant-cut diamond 4.72x2.92mm SI2 G excellent proportions 6-prong set in solitaire yellow gold ring stamped ORANGE BLOSSOM 14K in insert wedding ring with 4single-cut diamonds and 2-4x2.3mm marquise-cut rubies prong set 6=.30ct total gem weight in insert stamped: 14K, size 7, SET ONLY





3 round brilliant-cut=.61ct total weight diamonds: center 4.57-approx.4.68 x 2.63mm=.34ct SI2 I-J good proportions, side 3.36-approx. 3.50x1.96mm=.14ct & side 3.40-approx. 3.50x1.81mm=.13ct both I2 I good proportions, yellow gold engagement ring, size 6.25, 3.11grams stamped: 14K




three round brilliant-cut=1.05ct total weight diamonds: 4.80-4.81 x 2.84mm=.40ct, 4.48 - 4.52 x 2.67mm= .33ct & 4.51 - 4.54 x 2.56mm=.32ct I2 I very good proportions set in tiered white gold mounting into yellow gold shank engagement ring size 9.5, 4.07grams stamped: 14KLSC3




.33ct round brilliant-cut diamond (4.47-4.49x2.63mm) VS2 J very good proportions (strong blue fluorescence) 4-prong set in platinum engagement ring, size 6.25, stamped: PLAT. 3.04 grams





11 round brilliant-cut=1.22ct total weight diamonds I1 I average proportions (.06ct-.16ct each) channel set in white gold band ring size 7.5, stamped: 14K 5.13 grams CAN NOT BE SIZED





.37ct round brilliant-cut diamond (4.58-4.59x2.86mm) VS1 H very good proportions set in tall 4-prong white gold solitaire engagement ring mounting stamped (worn) 14K size 4.5 soldered to yellow gold wedding ring wrap set with 4 round brilliant-cut diamonds=.22ct total weight (ranging from 1.8 to 2.92mm) SI2-I1 H average proportions (one nicked girdle) stamped: 14K 585 HOS, size 4.5, 3.90 grams





.72ct marquise-cut diamond I2 I good proportions (9 x 4.41 x 2.7mm) set in white gold head in yellow gold solitaire engagement ring, size 7.5, stamped: .72 14K, 2.26 grams




.42ct princess-cut diamonds SI1 G good proportions 4-prong set with 2 baguette-cut=.09ct total weight VS2-SI1 F-G good proportions one set on each side of center white gold engagement ring, size 7, 3.5grams stamped: 14K 585



18round brilliant-cut=1.00ct total weight SI2-I2 H-I average proportions (one diamond chipped) prong set in platinum eternity ring, size 6 (worn) "AS IS" 4.1grams




3 oval=.50cttw SI2-I2 I-J good proportions ring stamped: 14K PLAT MAGIC GLO (center .25ct 5.05x3.31mm 2@.12ct). 14k yellow gold with platinum head




25 round brilliant-cut=1.75ct total weight diamonds (16-.05ct, 8-.10ct & 1-.15ct) I1-I3 I-K average proportions "Endless" yellow gold ring 6 diamonds channel set, 3 in each shoulder and 19 prong set on top size 9 4.9grams stamped: 14K 6 PAT 65911633 AS IS




.39ct square modified brilliant-cut diamond laser inscribed on girdle IGI 32944390 measuring 4.10 x 4.04 x 2.79mm SI2 E good proportions 4-prong set in white gold solitaire engagement, ring size 4.5, 1.9grams stamped: 54





.31ct round brilliant-cut VS1 H-I good proportions set in 6-prong platinum head with 8 round brilliant-cut diamonds=.12ct total weight VS1 G-H very good proportions channel set in shoulders of white gold engagement ring soldered to white gold fitted wedding band "Ribbon Style" consisting of 8round brilliant-cut=.12ct total weight diamonds VS1 G-H very good proportions (1 average) channel set, size 6, 4.92grams stamped: 18K Q2 PLAT engagement ring and 18K Q2 wedding ring




10 princess-cut = .57ct ranging from 2.0 to 2.25mm square each SI1 H-I good proportions size 6.5, 3.99grams

stamped: 14K engraved: ALWAYS & FOREVER




.23ct marquise-cut diamond SI2 H-I 6-prong set in center semi-mounting engagement ring with .02ct round brilliant-cut diamond & marquise-cut blue sapphire soldered to fitted wedding ring with .02ct round brilliant-cut diamond and marquise-cut blue sapphire, size 5.75. Stamped: 14K yellow gold




white gold princess-cut diamond engagement ring consisting of 3 princess-cut diamonds prong set in tiers, center diamond 3.81x4.28x approximate 3.00mm=.43ct I1 I fair proportions flanked by 2 princess-cut diamonds: 3.25x approximate 3.28x approximate 2.80mm=.26ct (chipped corner) I3 I fair proportions and 3.38x approximate 3.43x approximate 2.81mm=.29ct I1 I fair proportions. The diamonds are set in a white gold tall cathedral mounting size 5.5 2.93 grams stamped: 14K JMC AS IS




.41ct round brilliant-cut diamond SI1 K fair proportions (4.60-4.70 x 3.11mm) bezel set in white gold ring with fluted shoulders, size 7, stamped:14K S 4.87grams




4 round brilliant-cut=.38ct total weight diamonds VS2 F-G very good proportions prong set in two-tone semi-mounting engagement ring with 6-prong center head, size 6.5, stamped: 14K GS (Gottlieb & Sons)




.26ct round brilliant-cut diamond SI1-I good proportions 6-prong set in platinum cathedral solitaire style engagement ring, size 5




.48ct round brilliant-cut diamond I2 H good proportions approximately 5.2 x 5.2 x 2.9mm bezel set in white gold engagement ring size 6.25, 2.8 grams stamped: ZEI 14K



.48ct princess-cut diamond 4.95 x 4.09 x 3.00 VS1 K fair proportions no fluorescence 4-prong set in two-tone engagement ring size 5.5 3.45grams stamped: 14KT ZEI .48



.31ct round brilliant-cut diamond 4.25-4.22x2.70mm I1 E good proportions laser inscribed girdle: GSI 7150707121 4-prong set in white gold solitaire ring size 6 4.5grams stamped: .31 14K MAJIC GLO



.33ct marquise-cut diamond I2 I average proportions 6-prong set in white gold head with 2 marquise-cut rubies=.20ct total weight set on each side of center in 14k yellow gold engagement ring size 7 with shadow band contoured to fit engagement ring, size 7, both stamped:14K engagement ring weight 4.08gr wedding band 1.96gr SET ONLY



10 princess-cut=.56ct total weight diamonds VS2-SI1 J-K average proportions channel set in white gold band size 6.5, 2.82 grams stamped: 14K 56



.44ct rectangular modified princess-cut diamond 4.60x3.77x2.87mm I1 J fair proportions flanked by 8 round brilliant-cut diamonds approximately .01ct each=.08ct' 9=.52ct total weight diamonds. Ring has foliate pattern carved on 3-sides of shank stamped: 14K size 6.75 3.41grams



.25ct + 2round brilliant-cut=.06ct (each 4-prong set) engagement ring stamped: cp 14k & 4 round brilliant=.12ct total weight diamonds (prong set) wedding ring VS G-H  (stamped: jt 14k), size 6.5, SET ONLY 14k yellow gold 4.8 grams=set



29 round yellow diamonds=.62ct SI2-I2 light yellow average proportions prong set in yellow gold with 15 round brilliant-cut=.12ct total weight De'classe' H average proportions (44=.74ct total weight) prong set in white gold fancy ring size 8 3.88grams stamped: 14K CHINA



23 single-cut=.10ct total weight diamonds de'classe' G-H fair proportions prong set in slight curved white gold band size 5, 1.49 grams with milgrain edge detail and filigree sides stamped:14K



12 round brilliant-cut=.36ct total weight diamonds SI H channel set in white gold wedding band 2.9 grams size 7 stamped: 14K HL



5 princess-cut=.51ct total weight diamonds SI1-SI2 G-H good proportions separated by bars measuring 2.5 x 2.5mm=.09ct-.10ct each (ring appears to be yellow gold with rhodium plating) stamped: H 14K 51 two tone yellow gold wedding band, size 5.75, 2.69grams




Set of white gold rings, engagement ring:.27ct round brilliant-cut diamond (4.16-4.19 x 2.50mm) SI2 I good proportions 6-prong set with 2 round brilliant-cut=.14ct total weight SI2 H average proportions half bezel set in white gold size 9 2.55grams with contoured wedding band, size 9+, 1.37grams both stamped inside shank: WINSOME 14K




pair anniversary band rings each containing 10 princess-cut diamonds channel set, size 5.75 each stamped: 14K (diamonds in one ring: 10pc=.56ct= 1.75=.03 x 2=.06, 2.00=.05 x 3=.15, 2.25=.07 x 5=.35, and the other ring 10=.52ct= 1.75=.03, 2=.05 x 7=.35 and 2.25=.07 x 2=.14) all are I1 H-I average proportions 1 weighs 1.94 grams and the other 1.75grams




.15ct (3.50 x 3.50 x 2.04mm) round brilliant-cut diamond I1 top light brown & average proportions set in tall illusion "fishtail" style head flanked by 2 - diamond melee SI1 top light brown and average proportions set in illusion mounting 3=.23ct total weight diamonds yellow gold engagement ring size 6.5 stamped: 14K zp 3.04grams with matching yellow gold wedding band with 5round brilliant-cut diamonds=.19ct total weight SI1 light brown to top light brown and average proportions stamped: 14K zp size 6.5. 2.35 grams SET of rings ONLY





34 (32 round brilliant-cut + 2 single-cut)=.17ct total weight diamonds (1mm each=.005ct x 34=.17ct) SI1-SI2 H-J fair to average proportions set in shared prongs in 2 rows of seventeen diamonds in white gold wedding band with peak profile knife edge and Euro shank size 9-1/2 3.27grams stamped:MWI 14K





.20ct approximate marquise-cut diamond 5.60 x 3.20 x 2.20mm SI1 G good proportions set in tall 6-prong mounting white gold engagement ring with 10round brilliant-cut diamonds=.12ct total weight SI1-SI2 G-H average proportions channel set in shoulders of bypass style with contoured bypass style wedding band soldered to engagement ring size 6.75 4.25grams stamped:14K SR HDS on both rings & .20 on engagement ring





.24ct round brilliant-cut 3.91-3.92 mm 2.80mm VVS2 H very good proportions 4-prong set in tall trellis-style white gold engagement ring size 6.75 2.26grams stamped:18K 81130011 .24TW




.33ct round brilliant-cut diamond SI2 H good proportions 6-prong set in white gold head on 14K yellow gold solitaire engagement ring size 5 1.9grams (slight wear side of head)



.25ct round brilliant-cut diamond center with halo set with 12 diamonds and 30 round brillaint-cut diamonds prong set in shoulders (one melee broken on side & one broken in halo also one melee is single-cut) 14kt white gold engagement ring size 7 3.2grams AS IS




.32ct OEC (Old European-cut) 4.4 x 4.4 x 2.88mm diamond I1 J poor proportions set in illusion-head atop pierced and textured white gold top with yellow gold shank size 3-1/4 2.5g stamped: 14K HD





5 round brilliant-cut=.50ct total weight diamonds I1-I2 I good proportion, measuring 2.80 x 1.90mm = .09ct, 2.84 x 2.00 mm = .10ct, 2.81 x 1.90mm = .09ct, 2.79 x 2.20mm=.105ct & 2.82 x 1.90mm = .09ct set between white gold bars in two-tone band size 7.5 3.58grams stamped: 1/2 TW 14K LID G




engagement ring and wedding ring set: ER contains .16ct princess-cut diamond 4-prong set with 4baguette-cut diamonds=.10ct channel set 2 on each shoulder size 5.5 2.7grams and WR (never worn) contains 6 baguette-cut diamonds=.15ct total weight channel set size 5, 1.6 grams all diamonds I2-I3 H-I average proportions white gold stamped: 14K on both and JBR on engagement ring SOLD AS SET ONLY




5 round brilliant-cut=.26ct total weight diamonds VS2 G very good proportions 4-prong white gold set yellow gold JPK anniversary band size 9 stamped: 14K






.19ct transitional-cut diamond measuring approximately 3.8mm diameter VVS2 I poor proportions set in tall white gold illusion mounting flanked by 2 single-cut diamonds 2 = .06ct SI1-I1 I fair proportions set in triangular beaded settings on yellow gold shank w/decorative scrolls on shoulders engagement ring size 6.75, 1.91 grams stamped: 14K ORANGE BLOSSOM




11 round brilliant-cut diamonds set in yellow gold ring: 3 diamonds prong set on top, 6 channel set in shoulders and 2 diamonds flush-set inside the shank under the shoulders, filigree hears accent the ring sides. Center diamond .606ct 5.11-5.13 x approx 3.79mm I3 I fair proportions, side .318ct 4.24 - 4.28 x approx 2.88mm I1 I good proportions & side .312ct 4.27-4.29x approx 2.80mm I1 I good proportions 3=1.24ct abraded & nicked medium to thick faceted girdles. 6 Channel set & 2 under=.25ct total SI1-SI2 G-H good proportions, stamped: 14K GTR? Worn away inside shank. Size 4.25 4.07grams




Jan '16


15 round brilliant-cut=.15ct total weight diamonds (approximately 1.3mm each) SI1 G-H very good proportions channel set in contoured wedding band white gold size 5.5 2.09grams stamped: 14KT



1st white gold anniversary band: 27 round brilliant-cut =.09ct total weight ranging from 0.8-0.9mm=.003-.004ct each I2 I poor proportions size 8.75 1.84 grams 1.7mm narrow shank stamped: 10K & 2nd white gold anniversary band: 27 round brilliant-cut=.09ct total weight all diamonds are prong set size 9 1.82grams 1.7mm narrow shank stamped: 10K SOLD AS PAIR




.25ct round brilliant-cut diamond SI1 G good proportions 4-prong set in square illusion style mounting white gold ring (unmarked) rhodium plated (shank has hairlines) size 7-3/4 3.1grams "AS IS".





.22ct round brilliant SI2-I fair proportions set in 4-prong diamond-cut faceted "miracle" head (diamond measures 3.87 - 3.90mm depth not measured due to setting style) solitaire engagement ring stamped: 14K 22644 size 9




8rb=.25ct total weight I2-I3 top light brown average proportions channel set in white gold anniversary band size 6.5 1.88grams 2.75 mm wide stamped:14KARS



15 round brilliant-cut=.27ct total weight diamonds I1-I2 I-J average proportions prong set in white gold band with milgrain and pierced sides 1.71grams size 8 stamped: 14K YDO.27




.15ct marquise-cut diamonds (approx. 4.75 x 2.69 x 2.00mm=.15ct) set in tall 6-prong head flanked by 2 straight baguette-cut diamonds (approx. 2.75 x 1.57 & 2.75 x 1.62mm=.05ct each) all 3=.25ct total weight diamonds I1 H-I good proportions white gold engagement ring size 6.5 2.64grams stamped: 14K D.K. KS (worn)




13 round brilliant-cut=.10ct total weight diamonds SI1-SI2 I-J average proportions (each measuring 1.2 mm diameter = .0075ct) channel set in white gold wedding band size 7 2.76grams stamped: 14K



ladies sterling silver and diamond ring consisting of 13 round brilliant-cut diamonds pave' set in a marquise formation framed by 22 single-cut diamonds halo on a cathedral mounting with filigree gallery. Each shoulder consists of 14 round brilliant-cut diamonds (7 in parallel rows) ranging from .005 to .01ct (halo 22x.005=.11ct, marquise of rounds 11x .01 + 2x .005=.12ct, each shoulder: 2 x.01, 10 x.0075 +2 x.005= .10 x 2=.20ct total; 63 total diamonds=.33ct total weight De'classe' I poor size 6.75 3.75grams stamped: 925




7 round brilliant-cut = .12ct total weight diamonds (1.5-1.6mm) I2 to Imperfect H average proportions prong set in square head white gold ring size 7 2.63grams stamped: 14K S



Sale Pending



.24ct round brilliant-cut diamond I2 J fair proportions (4.01-4.04 x approx. 2.40mm) set in tall white gold head yellow gold solitaire engagement ring size 8 stamped: 14K B 1.87grams







white gold and diamond ring with 3 single-cut diamonds approximately 1.7mm=.02ct each 3sc=.06ct total weight VS1 H good proportions bead-set in recessed bright-cut 8-pointed stars across textured top of ring, shank tapers from 7.0 to 3.5mm size 4.5, 4.57 grams stamped: BLU-RAY 14K




Jan '16


13 round brilliant-cut=.13ct total weight diamonds approximately .01ct each SI1 H average proportions prong set in white gold 2mm band size 6.75 1.69grams stamped: 10Kt LLJ



10 princess-cut = .56ct total weight diamonds VS2-SI1 J-K average proportions channel set in white gold band size 6.5, 2.82 grams, stamped: 14K 56



3 single-cut = .06ct total weight diamonds VS2-SI1 H-I fair proportions prong set in white gold carved band size 6.75, 2.42 grams, stamped: BELAI 18K18w



yellow gold domed tapered ring with 84 single-cut=.72ct and 38 baguette-cut=.40ct diamonds déclassé I-J fair proportions prong and channel set size 6.5 5.8grams stamped: TRG 10K SIZING EXTRA



7 single-cut = .07ct total weight diamonds promotional quality prong set in white gold cluster style top with yellow gold shank ring size 6 2.8grams stamped:10KT P



Dec '15


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